New Student Information


Parents interested in enrolling their child for private piano lessons may call to schedule an interview to meet and get to know Mrs. Elliott.  The student will receive a free "mini" lesson, which will give the parent and student a better idea of what the lessons will be like and give Mrs. Elliott insight on the student's learning style.

Registration and Music Deposit
A $80 music deposit/registration fee requested at the time of registration reserves a place for the student in the studio and is an exclusive commitment for the year.  The deposit is used to purchase music for the coming year. The music deposit/registration fee is non-refundable.

Missed Lesson
A missed lesson will be rescheduled in the case of illness, death in the family, or if sudden extreme weather conditions occur. Make-up lessons will not be given for any other reason. 

To ensure good progress, I strongly recommend for the parent to provide for their child a well-maintained acoustic piano with a bench of correct height in an adequately lit location that allows for uninterrupted practice.  It is recommended that beginners practice 15 - 20 minutes daily. Parental supervision is often needed for beginners to insure that the assignment is being followed. Regular, quality practice time is crucial to each child's progress.

Cooperation and communication between parents, teacher, and student are essential.   Extra time is allotted after each  lesson to ensure plenty of time for student/teacher/ and parent communication.  Parents are always welcome to stay for lessons.


Students have the opportunity to perform in a spring recital at the Rockwall First United Methodist Church.  This year's recital has tenatively been set for Sunday, May 5th.  Students are encouraged to participate in the Fall Festival, Scales Olympics,  and Spring Competition sponsored by the Rockwall Music Teacher Association, as well as opportunities to perform for their peers at the Group Lessons.